The Union and the Company at UPI have mutually agreed that their goal is to utilize the Partnership Agreement to its fullest extent. The parties have agreed that these goals can best be accomplished when information and decision-making authority as well as responsibility are shared at all levels of the business. The Union and the Company have agreed to work toward the objective of establishing a strategic partnership. This commitment to working together on an ongoing basis must extend from the executive office to the shop floor and must be driven by a shared vision of the need for continuous improvement in joint decision-making processes and employee participation. To accomplish these goals the Union and the Company have agreed to pursue the following objectives and commitments:

  • Improving the quality, service, productivity and competitiveness of the business and its products and seeking profitability on a sustained basis.
  • Work environments that promote safety, fairness and equitable treatment.
  • The ability to respond rapidly to changes in the marketplace, in products and in customer needs.
  • Increased worker responsibility and influence in workplace decision-making.
  • Joint mechanisms by which technology will serve the interests of both the business and the workers affected by the change.
  • Full and timely access by the Union and all employees to information concerning Company decisions affecting the working lives of employees.
  • Understanding the current state of worldwide competition.
  • Reduction of all overhead cost, including bargaining unit costs and managerial, supervisory, and other non-bargaining unit costs.
  • Encouraging the use of problem solving approaches.
  • Commitment to higher skill development, better jobs, education and more productive utilization of a skilled work force.
  • Compliance with public policy and environmental laws and regulations.
  • Acceptance and support by the Company of the Union and acknowledgment of its role as an essential vehicle in attaining these objectives.
  • Acceptance and support by the Union of the Company and acknowledgment by the Union of its role as an essential vehicle in attaining these objectives.

The Union and Company recognize that these goals can be attained only by a commitment to comprehensive and ongoing training and education. The Partnership committee (Vice President of Operations and the General Manager of Employee Relations for the Company; President of Local Union 2571, President of Local Union 1440, and Chairman of the Grievance Committee for Local Union 1440) shall take steps to establish new training programs or support existing programs necessary to attain these goal