Teams Established to Support Quest 4 ZerO

Hazard Recognition

Improve employees’ hazard recognition skills.

Improve Investigation Process

Provide investigation procedures & tools that consistently implements corrective actions that prevent incidents

Improving Job Qualifications Requirements

Develop a Job Qualifications Requirements control document, build a training roadmap, and perform a gap analysis against the existing JQR system.

LCD Utilization

Develop a process that identifies content and adds information to the Plant Information Display Application screens.

Safe Job Review

Evaluate our current observation process and develop a revised process applicable for “Peer to Peer.” Evaluate the obstacles for successfully implementing the revised process and develop countermeasures for eliminating these obstacles.

Quest for Zero Marketing

Develop and implement marketing strategies to communicate and educate our UPI Family to understand and value “Quest 4 zer0.”

Standardize Crew Meetings

Provide a standardized, structured format for safety meetings to ensure employees plant wide are receiving important safety information and have the opportunity to express their safety concerns.

Video Testimonials

Develop and implement a process for safety video testimonials relating to injuries and incidents within UPI.

Communication Team

Develop methods where all relevant safety, quality, and market information is shared between management and wage to create a safe and productive work environment.

Injury Free PPE Team

Identify task and/or area-appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE); determine best ways to access the PPE and how to inform/train employees on what is available.

Communication Methods and Device Team

Identify and evaluate existing communication methods and devices. Research what new methods and devices are available. Make recommendations and implement solutions.

Tool Management and Availability Team

Develop a standardized procedure/practice to identify, inspect and store tools that are required for process operations, as well as recommend any “new” tooling which may be used to make jobs more efficient and safe.