Reporting Unethical Conduct

UPI is committed to conducting its business in an ethical and lawful manner. The reputation of UPI is a valuable business asset, and ethical and legal conduct at all levels of our business is essential for our continued success.

Each of us must be dedicated to the highest degree of personal integrity to safeguard this asset and to exhibit respect for our fellow employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders.

Any suspected illegal or unethical conduct connected with or affecting the business of UPI or its affiliated companies must be reported. Additionally, reports of workplace harassment, denial of equal employment opportunity, misuse of company assets, and other violations must be made.

All reports will be kept confidential to the extent possible and can be submitted anonymously, if desired. No retaliatory action will be taken against an employee who makes a good faith report of suspected illegal or unethical conduct.

Review the

Code of Business Conduct

To File a Report

You may report a suspected violation of UPI’s Code of Business Conduct by reporting it to your immediate supervisor or by calling the Company’s Ethics Helpline at


(Caller ID is disabled) if you prefer to make an anonymous report.

You can also send a letter to:
Legal Department
P. O. Box 471
Pittsburg, CA 94565


Reports of violations will be promptly investigated under the supervision of the Company’s Law Department. To the extent practical and appropriate under the circumstances, the Law Department will not disclose the identity of anyone who reports a suspected violation or who participates in an investigation.