Hot Dipped Galvanized

Rolled on our exceptional five-stand, six-high cold mill and annealed and coated on our continuous galvanizing lines, UPI Hot Dipped Galvanized product is up for the most rigorous of challenges: providing superior corrosion resistance in the most difficult of applications while balancing outstanding surface, gauge, and shape quality.

At UPI our #2 Continuous Coating Line has all the bells and whistles. This includes a Wean tension leveler to supply third standard flatness tolerances, a temper mill to provide superior surface quality, minimum spangle equipment and a galvannealed induction furnace. UPI sets the standard for quality critical markets.

Our top of the line product, UPI.GalXC has an attractive look and extra smooth feel and meets the high standards of the computer cabinet and chassis markets. UPI’s superior delivery performance, reduced lead time programs, and manufacturing flexibility shortens your supply chain allowing for reduced inventory investment. Our goal is to make doing business with UPI easy and to be a contributor to improving your company’s bottom line.

G40, G60, G90
All available as UL Certified

Shape ½ ASTM Flatness Standards
Steelmaking 100% Continuously Cast Al Killed Steels
Thickness .0150″ MIN to .1265″ MIN
Width Up to 55.5” in most gauges
Coil Size ID: 20”; 24” subject to inquiry
OD: 70” or 950 PIW
Max. Wt. 40,000 lbs.
Finish Minimum Spangle
UPI.GalXC; and Alloyed Coatings
Surface Treatment Chemically Treated and/or Oiled
RoHS and REACH Compliant
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Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled

Hot Rolled steel is processed on our top-notch pickling line providing for a superior HRPO product that is superior in surface quality, shape, and gauge performance.

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Cold Rolled

UPI Cold Rolled Annealed has exceptionally tight gauge and shape performance, superior mechanical properties, and top-of-the-line surface quality.

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Drawability, as well as world class gauge control, shape and surface, make the tin mill products of UPI second to none.

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