To Conduct Business In A Manner That Provides Maximum Value To Our Customers, Owners, And Employees.


To Be The Safest, Most Competitive Flat Rolled Steel Company.


The Safety Of All Employees Is Our First Priority

We will achieve the best safety record in the steel industry. We will be pro-active and work with all of our employees to eliminate hazards from our workplace by applying benchmarked “Best Practices” and setting the industry standard for housekeeping. We will provide a safe work environment, effective training, and appropriate protective equipment. We will audit our activities and facilities to ensure compliance with UPI’s Safety Program and conduct drills to optimize our emergency response preparedness. We expect all employees to take responsibility for their own safety, the safety of others, and be held accountable for their own actions.

Satisfied Customers Are The Keys To Our Success

UPI will be our customers’ preferred supplier by providing unmatched quality, service, and ease of conducting business. Our professional sales team working closely with our customers will determine their needs and how we can best meet them. Also, through the use of surveys and industry data, we will ensure a thorough understanding of our ability to meet present and future marketplace requirements.

Our Products And Services Will Be Cost Effective

We will reduce our conversion costs through the use of competent well trained people, innovative technology, targeted capital investments, and capable well maintained facilities.

We Will Achieve Excellence Through The Efforts Of Each Employee

Performance excellence is expected from every employee of the company. We will provide an environment that fosters continuous development of employees’ skills. Utilizing data and statistical tools, we will be innovative and creative in recommending solutions to problems and improvements in business processes. We will be professional in the execution of our duties and responsibilities.

Teamwork Is Key To Improving Our Business

Employee involvement and collaborative effort across all levels of the organization drive UPI’s continuous improvement. Debate over issues is encouraged, but once a decision is made, commitment is expected from everyone.

We Will Always Respect The Individual

Our people are capable, loyal, and dedicated to the success of the business. We will conduct business in an honest and ethical manner, and respect the opinions and ideas of others. We will treat all people with whom we interact with dignity and fairness.

We Will Be An Involved And Responsible Corporate Citizen

UPI will conduct its business in an ethical manner and operate its facility in an efficient, safe and environmentally responsible way, for the benefit of our local community, our employees, and our customers.