Safety training at UPI is the first experience a new employee encounters before beginning his or her assigned job. This two-week session is designed to immerse the new employee in UPI’s safety culture. During this safety training, employees receive instruction on safe job procedures, equipment operation, facility layout, appropriate personal protective equipment and ergonomics. This training marks the beginning of the new employee’s exposure to safety at UPI, as our commitment to safety is an ongoing process dedicated to keeping our employees safe.


Refresher training is required when an employee has missed over 30 days of work. We review and update the returning employee’s safety training requirements. Additionally, this training involves the review of all incidents which occurred while the employee was off the job and the corrective actions that were implemented to prevent them from happening again. Finally, we update returning employees on plant wide changes that occurred while they were off work; i.e., revised policies, new walkways, assembly areas, etc.