Los Medanos Community College (LMC) and UPI have worked together for decades to expand the role of education in UPI’s workforce and their families. UPI is a long standing corporate sponsor and has representation on the board of directors of the Los Medanos College Foundation. We recruit students from LMC for positions in every department, and regularly send guest speakers to update the student body on technology and manufacturing process innovations.

UPI collaborated with LMC and other industrial businesses in the area to create a two year program that trains students to become certified in Electrical and Instrumentation Technology. This program was developed as a cooperation between business and education to fill the shortage of highly skilled workers in Northern California. The results have been superior; graduates from the ETEC program find immediate work at UPI, or other local manufacturers; and recruitment costs have been dramatically lowered now that UPI can count on finding qualified candidates locally. UPI and LMC have repeatedly demonstrated the importance of community support and involvement.

ETech Program